Thursday, January 09, 2020

Make Peace With Your Past

For many years I was struggling to let go of many negative thoughts about things happened in the past. From outside I was happy and energetic because I could press down my negative thoughts without letting them to rise. The downside of that is, it drains lot of energy to hold the thoughts like that. After a fair amount of trial and errors,  I made peace with the past. Finally my mind is at peace.

A person who walked a tough path and came out successful is a resource to others. I loved reading such life stories. They inspired me and helped me to guide my thought process on making peace with my past. What said and done can be undone. You got to play for the strengths you have. You will have past memories of course, and let them be your lessons learned through the journey of life. Good or bad, everything is an experience. My heard this famous phrase from my father when I was a small kid, "Experience comes from our foolishness, but wisdom comes from our experience".  

I'm writing this post after many years of making peace with my past. It helped me to make my mind when both my parents died. Loosing someone so dear to you will be the biggest sorrow you'll carry through out your life. Practicing letting go and making peace with the past will help you to overcome these sorrows before it becomes a chronic negative energy in your life. Do not have regrets in life. If you are smart, you'll avoid all actions you do today that you'll have a negative impact on your life in the future. Life is too short and don't let the past haunt your future. 

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