Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year and a New Adventure

Life has taken me in many routes and it taught me many lessons. Some I had to learn the hard way. But all in all, I am so thankful for what I have and I am living my life to the level of my expectations.

Me and my family moved to Canada last year (22nd November 2017) to go on our next adventure in life. It was one of my life goals and now the new journey begins with a new vision. I am thankful to my parents, relatives and everyone who stood beside me and left me equally because all those people shaped me to who I am today.

Canada is a great country. It's relatively colder but I like it. My wife and kids love it. My family members are waiting to come here too. We will face new challenges here, of course. Challenges will be there but the way we face them will determine the outcome of it. So I am taking up all the challenges with a smile and overcome them to yield a positive outcome from each.

I post this note to remind myself that; in this year 2018 I have to thrive in career, learn new things and enjoy the little things in life.

Happy New Year.  

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