Monday, November 12, 2018

The 39-Year-Old-Orphan

My mother passed away on 11th May 2012 and my father passed away on 26th Oct 2018. I am the only child. I am 39 years old (now) when father died but for a moment, I felt like I'm an orphan.

These two were the foundation of my life and I'm so lucky to have these two amazing individuals as my parents.

One blog post is not enough to mention everything I feel about my parents. They both are gone from this world but they will live in my heart for ever.

You got to love your parents when they are alive. It doesn't make any sense to preach good about parents when they are no more. You got to take care of your parents when they are alive. A simple call to say hi to them can be your last call to them. Don't postponed that call.

I love my mom & dad and may their beautiful souls finds their paths to nirwana. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rant - Simple Things are Complex from Inside

Most of us wish to have a simple life with less stress. And we create products and services to make people's life easy. But if we think carefully there is a complex side to most of the simple solutions we have today. The simplicity we enjoy today have it's massive complexity underneath and it's unknown to many of those who enjoys it. Let's look at a couple of day to day products and services we use to make our life easy and simple.

The car you drive everyday is making your daily commuting easy. But it's a very complex machine that you don't understand unless you have the specific knowledge about automobile engineering. The Mobile phone you use to keep in touch with the rest of the world seems like a small gadget that you only have to recharged everyday. But there are very complex systems working together to provide that simplified experience to you. This scenario is applied to almost all the things we consume today. And it is getting more and more complex in the future.

What I'm trying to tell myself here is, yes I said myself as I'm writing stuff that are rambling on my brain, people create complex systems/processes/products/services to fulfill people's never ending desires. The market operates based on the demand. And there is a competition too. When one system is in place, the competing system try to find it's place with a competitive advantage. In order to offer that competitive edge, another complex system is introduced with another complex back-end. But they all try their best to offer these systems with a simplified front-face (UI, Appearance and highly intelligent interaction methods).

Perhaps this post might not make any sense. But I want to read this post in 5 years from today. Our lives are never simple. They never will be. What ever we consume today have a complex backend to it. And there are people who work hard to make sure the other people get the maximum out of their product or service. And if you think carefully, everything is inter-connected. What ever you do, where ever you are, the actions you perform is connected to each other. And you touch multiple complex systems (directly and indirectly) to get your life's simple things done.

I'm writing this post at a Tim Hortans at Borden/Charles - Kitchener. I'm using a MacBook Air to connect to Tim Horton's Wifi. I came here on my Honda CRV. I'm drinking a Caramel Late. How many complex systems I've used on this scenario? The Computer, the car, The WiFi. And yes of course the Caramel Late. Even the coffee I drink came out from a complex machine. But I never felt the complexity of performing this scenario. It was so simple. It's not overthinking. There is no such thing call overthinking. You can think up to your best capacity of your mind. Thinking capacity is different for each person. Those are simple thoughts. But they came from a very complex organ called "Brain".


Friday, June 29, 2018

Keep Calm and Let the Storm Pass

This is something I learnt with some hard experience. I used to be a person who get overwhelmed easily when things go wrong. I have fall from bad to worse because I act aggressively and made wrong decisions in crisis situations. With the time and few hard lessons, I was able to overcome that mindset and to stay calm, carefully evaluate the situations to see opportunities and possible ways to overcome the negative impact.

There is an old management joke; I'll just repeat it here even though you can Google this. A little bird was flying south for the winter and fall down frozen. A cow went by put a dung on the bird. Bird felt the warmth of the dung and was happy. He started to sing for joy. A passing cat heard this sound and reached out to the bird. And he ate the bird. Three things were derived from this joke;

1. Not everyone that drop shit on you is your enemy
2. Not everyone that pull you out from shit is your friend
3. And when you are in deep shit, keep your mouth shut

This classic joke made really sense to me in many occasions in my life. In this hyperactive social media era, where you post every single moment in your life online, it's really important to understand the value of being calm and quiet in difficult times. When things are hot and messed up, take a step back, slow down and think through the situation. You will see the opportunities shining. Grab the opportunities and move on. It's all our mindset. I learned the art of being calm and quite on difficult situations and make right decisions to become more successful than before.

If I can do it, you can too.

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year and a New Adventure

Life has taken me in many routes and it taught me many lessons. Some I had to learn the hard way. But all in all, I am so thankful for what I have and I am living my life to the level of my expectations.

Me and my family moved to Canada last year (22nd November 2017) to go on our next adventure in life. It was one of my life goals and now the new journey begins with a new vision. I am thankful to my parents, relatives and everyone who stood beside me and left me equally because all those people shaped me to who I am today.

Canada is a great country. It's relatively colder but I like it. My wife and kids love it. My family members are waiting to come here too. We will face new challenges here, of course. Challenges will be there but the way we face them will determine the outcome of it. So I am taking up all the challenges with a smile and overcome them to yield a positive outcome from each.

I post this note to remind myself that; in this year 2018 I have to thrive in career, learn new things and enjoy the little things in life.

Happy New Year.