Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Entution: A Journey based ERP on Cloud

ERP is a very scary term for many corporates. For some organizations, it is a huge expense and a sunk cost. As per the Panorama Consultants 60% of ERP implementations are challenged projects. The main reason for this is the complexity of the entire ERP domain.
Bileeta is an ERP development company which has more than 15 years of experience in ERP development and its business models. They provide a tire II ERP solution for businesses who are in the sales and distributions, projects & services and finance verticals. They list the following as the complexity formulating factors for ERP implementations.

Software products are not visible until you use them. ERP no difference. No matter how many pre sales meetings you have the end user is not getting the actual picture of what they are getting. Demos help to clear the picture a bit, but still the end result is not clear.

Lack of visibility then leads to a situation where you are unable to map your business requirements with the system you are getting.

This results a system that has loads of functionality you may or may not use. This makes the system bulky and difficult to use.

An ERP system is heavily used by the operational staff of an organization. The new system is challenging the current status quo of the staff. This makes the staff resistance to use and making the organizational change management process a challenging one.


This user resistance in turns results a huge amount of customizations to the product and long running training and consulting program to get them to adopt the new system in day to day work. This results exceeded project time. Time is money, so it increases the implementation cost too.

Bileeta came up with a brand new concept called "Journeys" to reduce this complexity which in turns will reduce the time and budget that need to spend ERP implementation. 

 "Journey" is basically a combination of functionalities across the modules to cater a business process. In traditional ERPs, you need to get bunch of modules to get a single functionality to work. The end user knows their business process well, but they do not know the "Modules". Journeys are these exact functionalities they want. 

This concept helps an organization to start using the necessary functionalities of a system to start with and add more journeys as they grow. This gives the flexibility for the organization to slowly adopt the entire ERP system without going through the hassle of a complicated change management process within the organization to adopt the ERP solution.  

Since this is a cloud based solution, all the journeys are available in a journey pool and can be imported to the existing system without any disturbance to the ongoing processes. 

All these are bundled in to the new product named "Entution" The product it self is designed in a easy to buy, configure (3 steps configuration) and use. Also it is offered in public cloud for general users, public cloud for industry specific users and public/private cloud for large organizations.

Entution has won the Gold award in the NBQSA 2014 under the category of e-logistic and supply chain management. It also won the overall Gold award for the year 2014. This has proven its disruptiveness in the domain and stability of the product. 

Check out this video to get a quick feel of Entution.

Note: Images used in this post are copyrighted to Bileeta (Pvt) Ltd.


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