Thursday, September 05, 2013

Transform your Organization into a Connected Business - Learn by attending WSO2Con USA 2013

Is your organization a connected business? The following points will give you an idea of a "connected business" environment. 
  • Integrated - Does your organization has a smooth and effective interactions within and with outside world?
  • Accessible - Does it facilitate the interactions by reducing conflicts and cost?
  • Collaborative - Does it support collaborations within and outside world to enhance productivity of the business?
  • Adaptive - Does it sense the ever changing business needs, technology and automatically adapts them to your environment?
If your answer is "Yes" to all the above, you're already in the connected business environment.

WSO2 always being in the business of enabling all those factors for almost 8 years. WSO2's biggest technology conference, WSO2Con is going to focus on how to make your organization a connected business by overcoming current technological barriers at hand.

The Conference includes a set of Pre-conferance tutorials, which will conducted by our own experts who actually wrote the code in many of the products. Attending the tutorials will give you a detail level understanding of how WSO2 Platform really does the trick of making your business a connected business. Also, the conference will help you to get to know more about the all new WSO2 Mobile Platform too.

The two day conference is where the Architects and CxO level people will find more insights on how can an organization become lean and agile, how to transform your current organization in to connected business, clear out any doubts they had before about this transformation, get to know how big organizations such as Stubhub, Boeing, Spectrum Health, Trimble, T-Systems (and many other) benefited by joining hands with WSO2.

The conference is held from October 29 - 31 2013 at Mission Bay Conference Center, San Fransisco.

If you really need to transform your business in to a "Connected Business" and enjoy the benefit of the lean and agile enterprise environment, Register Now!. (There is a 25% discount till September 10th)

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