Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to Two Wheels After a Long Time

My life began with two wheels, I still remember (the very first years that I remember in my life), I used to sit on the handle bar of my father's "Hunter" foot bike. Father was paddling many kilometers with mom and me per day. Then from there father had a Honda CB 125 and a Honda CD 50. Yeh, father was not going towards big bikes, he just focused on saving some money on fuel. I only had a mountain bike during my school days :).

I start riding motor cycles in my very little age, where my legs were not long enough to touch the ground. My father used to give me the handle bar while we riding, so I had an idea of controlling the bike from my age of 5. After I grow a bit, I start to learn riding in my father's CB 125, but he does not know it. When father is asleep, I pushed the bike away from home and start it i fell many times burned my legs touching the engine and exhaust can. But my desire to ride never fade. when I reach my age of 8, I was a confident rider.

I got my driving license in my age 21. But I was driving cars and riding bikes without license for many years. My usual trick when traffic cops shows up is, stop before they stop me, switch off, get down from the bike, push it passing them, till they don't see me, get on and ride back. Cos, I knew, I don't need a license to "push a motor bike". There were many times I got caught by cops in town, but being excused as I sell the names of my uncles and the grand pa (was a D.I.G by that time).

I got myself a motor bike in 2004, I still have it. It's a Honda CBX Custom 125Cc. It was a very good bike and I have lots of memories tied to that bike. Road it across the country and now retired.

The recent machine I bought is bit bigger than the previous one and also gives a different riding experience. It's a Honda CBR 250RR (MC22). A 249Cc, 4 cylinder bike which can do a 0 to 100 Km/h within 8 seconds. In Sri Lanka, the legitimate max engine capacity is 250Cc. But we even have 1200Cc bikes on the roads registered under 250Cc category. But, in case if we met with an accident or, being checked properly for the capacity the bike it's gone and you'll have to pay a big fine too. I did not want to take that risk. So instead of looking at 600Cc or a 1000Cc bike, I bought this. When  the law is open for bigger engines, I'll surely buy a 600Cc. People say there are no proper roads to ride in Sri Lanka, but many of those have not seen the open roads out side Colombo. And when you talk about the danger, my stand is, it's no matter whether you are on two wheels or four wheels or ten wheels, if you hit properly you are a dead man!

My mother passed away suddenly and before she close her eyes for ever she told me "putha bike eka genawada? parissamin padinna". Mean, "Son did you brought the bike home? Ride carefully". She passed away after the followed by surgery. She knows I love bikes. I miss my mother today! :(

In Sri Lanka, it's very hard to buy a brand new bike like this. There are many brand-new small Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Korean and many other bikes , but no big bikes like CBR, Ninja, Hornet, Ducati, etc. You either have to import it or buy a second hand one. And you'll have to accept the quality of the bike as it is at the purchase. We don't know much of the history of the bike we buy. So it's a risk. You might get a junk! And when you import, you have to pay a huge tax which is more than the actual value of the bike, this is common for any vehicle. And even the old bikes we buy are expensive than the brand new Indian bikes in the market. I had to save money for a long time to buy this bike.

Second thing is, some small business folks who import the old bikes and sell are taking a long time to deliver bikes, I had to wait one and a half months to get my bike. Had to do a paint job and change the fairing kit. They waste your time and some times money. So be careful and always follow up with the seller until you get the bike in your hands. My experience is very bad with the particular seller of the bike. (I wont name his business details in public). Overall, I'm happy about the bike. Have to ride for a week to test every thing and check on any issue.

Having a CBR was a dream for me from a long time. Finally I could make it a reality. Let's see how it goes.

Some photos :
A video clip taken at Fingara car park :