Friday, September 16, 2011

Great (Presentations, knowlege sharing, entertaining, conference)

Past week was the biggest event we (WSO2) had in 2011. WSO2Con 2011. It's a successor of the WSO2Con 2010 and was 100 times improved. It wasn't a typical boring conference where attendants fall asleep after settling down in the hall. It was a dynamic and thrilled series of presentations and events lined up in two tracks.

In summery:
  • Great keynotes from various speakers across the world
  • For the first time, "Google" spoke in Sri Lanka
  • Panel discussions were amazing where audience and panelists had hot discussions on various technologies
  • It's not only WSO2 Products people interested about, they also impressed about our culture too
  • At live demonstration on StratosLive, in few minutes the conference hall turned in to a hands on workshop (where folks fired up the laptops and started to work on SLive)
  • It was great to hear how people use our products in their business, education and research
  • People realized that, being an open source company does not mean being looser
  • WSO2 is not a startup company any more!
  • #WSO2Con was in the 70th position in trending topics in Twitter
  • We don't settle, we are an agile company, we go where our customers takes us
  • Pre and post conference tutorials helped the attendants to get some deep understanding in some areas of our technologies
  • Sri Lankan cultural dances and Elephant rides gave an insight of our heritage to the foreign participants
  • WSO2 Music Jam session showed that WSO2ers are not just bunch of geeks who married to computers - They got other talents too!
  • It's not the technology that does magic, it's people who make the technology.
Looking forward to the WSO2Con 2012.

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