Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Son

Today (27th March 2011), my little son celebrated his first year birth day. It was a fast year filled with joy and love. We went to the temple early morning, observe pansil and our son was calm and trying to control his noise and the active actions. We offered a tea session for an orphanage and we thought of making it a habit to offer some thing in our capacity to help them. (They also need all the things we need in our lives). And I want to set this example to my son, when he enjoys his life to maximum always think about those who don't have and care for them as much as possible. And there is a fine line to think when it comes to actually care for them. You should not treat them as a different person, it's not sympathy, it's actually equality and treat every one as humans. There is only two categories of people. "Good" and "Bad". He needs to identify those two types.

We arranged a simple dinner for our close relatives and every one had a good time with my son. He got lots of presents kisses and he enjoyed the day to the max!.

I wish a happy birthday and a bright future for my son Saveen.

Amma and Thatta loves you a lot!.