Friday, September 24, 2010

Enterprise Ready and Open Source, join WSO2 community

The term "Open Source" has a wider meaning. It's not just about making Open Source Software. It's about making any of your work/idea/software/handcraft (any thing shareable) Open to the public with permission to read, modify, improve and also redistribute. In coupled with Open Source, Open Standards also play a key role on standardizing the processes with Open Formats. Computer software industry is one of the major industries which uses Open Standards and also Open Source Software.

WSO2 Inc is an award wining Global Open Source SOA Middleware company. All the software delivered from WSO2 are 100% open source under Apache License. The business model is basically selling the services such as 24x7 customer support, on site, phone, on-line support and training. And we have all our products on cloud platform too. If you want more details, please visit the corporate web site.

This post is not about how we sell our services. It's about another important mission we drive for the benefit of the Open Source Software community. Most of the time, the community edition of software are not the actual product that's being sold out to customers. And some times, the source code is not fully open sourced. Our mission is all about sharing a set of fully functional enterprise ready software with the global community and make a platform to work, communicate, collaborate and get paid for some of your work.

Interested? OK. The place to start is WSO2 OxygenTank.

WSO2 OxygenTank is the developer portal for the projects hosted by WSO2 Inc. It's a one stop resource center for source code, discussions, documentation, issue tracking, Wiki, articles, tutorials, KBs, Webinar recordings and many other resources. All you got to do is register (it's free) and start working on projects!

OxygenTank consist of the following main sections.
You can download the source pack, binary pack and documentation pack of each project from there. All packs are digitally signed to ensure the trust.
This is the place for technical discussions. Your questions will be answered by an Engineer who actually working on that project or some one from the community.
You can find SOA web services related content from OxygenTank Library. These content (Articles, Tutorials, KBs, Videos, Pod-castes, etc) are written by current and past Engineers of WSO2 and also some enthusiastic community members. If you need to read some thing more than the product documentations, this is the place for you.
You can subscribe to any of the mailing lists based on your interest of project. You'll be able to discuss about project architectural matters and also about all the project development related matters through each channel.

Code base is maintained in a Subversion system. You can become a part of the community and check out the source code of the products, and become a contributor.
WSO2 conducts regular webinars on many areas of SOA, Web Services and also about all WSO2 Products. These Webinars are useful to get an understanding of the projects as well as WSO2 as a whole. You can view/download past webinar videos, slides as well.

Apart from being a code contributor, you can write content (Articles, KBs, Tutorials) for OxygenTank Library. We have a payment scheme for content contribution. You need to follow the standards/templates and we are doing a thorough technical review before publishing. Your content must be genuine and your unique work!

We have the Public Issue tracker to track the project's activities. You can use your OxygenTank credentials to log in to that.

This would be a great opportunity for those who are interested in joining with enterprise ready Open Source SOA projects. And many of our projects are related to Apache projects too. And most of our developers are Apache Contributors. So you'll be able to work with many great Hackers who build great software.

So what's stopping you from being a part of this community? Join Today!


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