Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family ranks upgraded

Yesterday was a day which falls under the category of "Unforgettable days" in my life. Every body wishes to have a promotion in some way during the life time. So all of our family members got their promotions yesterday.

Dasunpriya Anuradha (Me)HusbandFather
Madhusha ShirangikaWifeMother
M.D. Weerasinghe & P.G. PiyarathneFathersGrand Fathers
Sunanda & JayanthiMothersGrand Mothers
Chanusha & UmeshaDaughters/sistersDaughters/Sisters/Aunties

The reason for this upgrade is our new born son. He started a whole new chapter in all of our lives. Another interesting/challenging chapter. Okay this post will be very short. cos, I have to go to my Son and Madhu. Will update more details and some photos in the following days.

I wish all the best for my son. Be a good person, not just a "Person". Live a simple life with a deep understanding of it. And my wife Madhu, you are the most beautiful mom and the strongest women in the world. Every woman is a mother, respect them, love them as you love your own mother.


Angel said...

Conraduations! he looks very cute! :)

Saminda said...

you'll still be uncle to us ;). Congrats to all your family members :).