Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Decade New Life

After couple of months silence, I thought of doing a blog post. My life has being an active and dynamic one since I've born! :-). It has come to this state passing various stages. Once I turned back and look at my life, I don't have any regrets! I've done almost all the good, bad, fun, adventure stuff that a boy could do. I heard most of the people answer the question in TV etc, "if you want to go back to a state of your life, to which part you would go?" and they answer "My school life". If I would have to answer that question, I would say "I don't want to go back, I just want to move forward and end this life happily". It's because I've done all the things in my capacity and have enjoyed the life to the maximum, gained lots of knowledge and experience. I haven't missed any thing! Those who missed certain things in their pass wishes if they could go back and do those things!.

Now that I'm 30 years old, and going to be a father soon, yeh my wife is 7 months pregnant as at now. I'm a happily married family guy! Now I'm enjoying being a husband, father and the total family life. We should not postponed the good things we need to do. Since I'm following a middle path and living a simple life with basic needs it's bit easy for me to do good things, like going to a temple, keeping fit, taking my family on a trip, etc.

In this 2010, I thought of changing my career from being a high-tech to a semi-tech and more human oriented. I had this concept of being a "Human Oriented IT Person" for a while and I got a golden opportunity to move in to that level. Last month I joined WSO2, one of the world's leading Open Source SOA Company runs in US, UK and Sri Lanka, founded by a great Sri Lankan scientist Dr. Sajiva Weerawarna. I joined WSO2 as the Community Manger and the Editor of the Open Source Community Developer portal called OxygenTank. With this new role, I'll be able to get more closer to the Open Source Community as a whole and specially around WSO2. Since I have experience in Network/Systems Administration, Engineering, Project Management, Training, Consultancy, FOSS Advocacy, public speech, etc I have a good understanding in IT, Business and Community.

Well... It's a new decade, and a new life! Have to do lots of new/good things. Catch you all soon!


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