Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sri Lanka or Tamil Eelam?

This post is dedicated to all "Tamil Eelam" fans...

Velupillai and his friends started an Ealam war before I born. But I couldn't stay away from it by saying "I'm not a part of this war". We all in Sri Lanka suffered from this war, and still there is a little more to suffer. I came to know by reading the history of the crisis, in late 70s Velupillai's initial idea of fighting against the majority of Sri Lankan Sinhalease was truly liberal, that he was standing against for step-mother treatments for the tamil minority (quantity wise) in Sri Lanka. Those early rulers in the country have done some thing really wrong in ruling the country and Velipillai triggered this liberation fight pointing that. But the country changed with the time, rulers changed, political views were changed. And poeple wanted to end this fight and stay together as one nation. But, Velupillai did not want to see a happy ending of it as he has nothing else to do (killing) if this war ends. So he gathered as many people as possible (mostly by force) and kept killing and disturbing the people's life for the last 30 years. And there were many helpers, money donors in Sri Lanka itself and some other countries around the world who financially supported this terrorists. Many of them were doing illegal business like drug dealing, arms dealing, robberies, kidnapping, hijacking, etc. So now think , what has happen to the liberal fight? where it has being leading to? Finally, the innocent Tamil people were aside suffering from the business work of Velupillai, but he did not give a shit. He holds the banner "We are freedom fighters", but kills hundreds of innocent Tamils who have not obey him. Now every body knows that Velupiiai is not the "leader of Tamil union", but the "executioner of Tamil union".

Separate a part from the Sri Lanka and having an Eelam is not an effective solution in the long run too. The land is too small and when the population grow the land will not be sufficient for the crowd, so a new war will start in addition to the ongoing one. And if Velupillai creates a native land for Tamils and kill all the Sinhalease in that area what about the Tamils who live in Sinhalease areas? Shall they all be killed as Velupillai does for others? Is that the solution for this problem?. NO. There is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, there wasn't for decades. Sri Lanka have a one BIG problem, it's this Velupillai's LTTE Terrorist problem.

Here is the map that Velupillai draw for the Tamil Eelam.

He thinks, this small land can occupy all the Tamils in this country, and make this is the heritage land of "Tamils". Why he want to cage the Tamils in to a small area while the whole Sri Lanka is wide open for all Sinhalese, Tamils and every other one? Now see for your self, look at the Sri Lanka map, which has more space to live, have access to more resources.

Any one can see that Tamils have more land now than before, and Sri Lanka is a country were many raises lives peacefully and care for each other. People in most countries are very narrow minded and raises. They don't accept the humans as a one kind. But here in Sri Lanka, people don't care of the skin color or the language a person speak. They only care about sharing and living a happy life with each and ever one together as a one country.

Velupillai brought death and fear to every one in this country by many means. Now it's time for him to end his life inside his own dream. So Eelam fans, I think it's better stop dreaming now. You will never see that Eelam within Sri Lanka, try to find a different country for that. Ask for a land from a country that really support your crazy ideas. But in Sri Lanka, there is no space for you. We (Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, etc) live as a one nation, under one flag, singing "Sri Lanka Matha" national anthum. No one will be able to change that.!. So Sorry Velupillai, so sorry Eelam fans all over the world. Your dream ain't gonna be a reality...

Good Bye Tamil Eelam, Go to Hell LTTE...