Saturday, March 15, 2008

Workshop on Unix (GNU/LInux) Shell

We (LKLUG) organized a workshop on Unix Shell, to provide some hands on training about the Unix Shell. We used GNU/Linux, a Unix like Operating system as our platform. Today is the first day of the workshop where we covered basics of the shell.
  • Introduction to Shell by Anuradha R.

  • Basic Filters by Bud

  • Advanced Shell usage by Sapumal

We conducted this workshop in the Lanka Software Foundation's Lab at UCSC. We expected 20 participants but there were around 25! Since we planed this as a geek's event we didn't mind standing positions and shared seats. :-) Right now Sapumal is conducting his session, the last session for the day and tomorrow we'll cover up some more advanced stuff in Shell Scripting.
Anuradha's Session.

Bud's Session.

Sapumal's Session.

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