Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Share your photos with F-Spot

Last week, I was looking for a simple and fast tool to organize and upload photos to my flickr and picasa galleries. After going through the photo management software tools available for GNU/Linux, I found this nice, "free and easy", software called F-Spot. This is a product from Novel Inc and more details can be found in F-Spot web site.

Some basic but main features.
  • Import photos directly from the camera, disk or from a directory.
  • Organize photos according to your selection criteria.
  • View as a slide show, full screen.
  • Upload your photo set directly to Flickr, Picasa, etc.
  • Resize your photos on upload by selecting all at once.
  • And many more feature for you to explore. :-)
I found this tool very useful, cos it was a headache uploading photos to Picasa or flickr from the web interface. And F-Spot can save the time on Resizing, optimizing photos manually for upload. This is just a one tool available for the job, you will find some other tools that does this even better. But... it's choice! :-)


Yajith Dayarathna said...

hi..i tried out f-spot on ubuntu 7.10..it keeps crashing..i removed and reinstalled it, but the prob is still there..
any help ?

Dasunpriya Anuradha said...

Hi Yajith,

how did you install f-spot, using apt-get/synaptic or by downloading it from the web site? i think it's better to use the apt to install software, or may be synaptic. and make sure you have all the packages installed. or use dpkg to reconfigure a currupted installation. check the manual page for dpkg,

man dpkg

Yajith Dayarathna said...

i used apt-get to install f-spot.. Im not familiar with dpkg though.. I'll give it a try anyways.. thanks a lot for the info..