Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bluetooth Remote Control (BT MOUSE)

I felt sleepy while reading a book and wanted to try some thing funky. I wanted to try out the remote control feature in my new mobile phone. After 15 minuets of work I manged to get that feature working with my Ubuntu GNU/Linux notebook. And of course, I wanted to share this experience with my pals around the globe. So here I go...

My Phone : Sony Ericsson K510i
My Notebook : Compaq Presario V3000
My OS : Ubuntu edgy-eft (2.6.17-11-386)

You also can try this with your phones if your phone has the bluetooth remote control feature.

  • Bluetooth enabled PC and a Phone
  • Bluez-utils
A simple editing of the /etc/default/bluetooth is all you need!

#vim /etc/default/bluetooth

Find and change HIDD_ENABLED = 1 (initially it is set to 0)

This will let you use your phone as a mouse. And some key board strikes also worked but have to check on that later. But mouse features are working perfectly.

#hcitool scan
This is to get your phone's MAC address

#hidd --connect your:phone:MAC:address

You will see the notification on your phone "enable remote control?"
press "yes" and you are ready to go.

End your connection after you're done.

#hidd --unplug your:phone:MAC:address

Use your phone's joystick to move your mouse pointer and default OK button on the phone to use as click function, other buttons also working for some key board shortcuts and i was really impressed when some of my beryl features also working well with the remote control. You will be able to conduct your Open Office Impress Presentations very effectively with this feature.

Hope you find this post useful. Have fun...


Mili said...

Hey mate have the same phone on the same distro, everything is fine till my phone asks me to enter a passcode.

In Windows I get a prompt to enter the same code and the devices are paired. How do I get abt this on Ubuntu?

Dasunpriya Anuradha said...

Hi Milinda, did you install bluez-passkey-gnome, bluez-pin pkges?

#apt-get install bluez-pin bluez-passkey-gnome

good luck!