Thursday, November 02, 2006

Perfect Mistake

I have heard many of my friends who had erased their Hard Disks by mistake, when installing Linux on to Windows installed computer, etc. But I haven't heard of a friend of mine who have formatted his/her Windows partition when he/she supposed to format a pen drive. But my friends listen; I did that mistake just two days ago. Ye..h I know what you thinking. You think I'm a chronic careless boy. 5% correct. Yes I'm careless, sometimes.

My friend at office, Henry gave his USB Pen drive and asked me to format it. This story have 4 steps and two paragraph.
  1. Hooked in the pen drive to my notebook.
  2. Took a root shell (got the great power)
  3. Entered the command mkdosfs -v /dev/sda1
  4. Confirmed (are u sure? y)
After successfully completing the format, I opened the Pen drive to verify. Humm... data is still in the drive. Good, then what I have formatted? Quickly did a #ls /media/sda1 . No data. Thank you very much.

I did this in my new notebook which has a SATA HD. And at that particular time I was bit busy with some other work too. My Win partition was labeled as sda1. Pen drive was sdb1. One letter mistake. Story Ends.

Next day morning I got out of the bed and ran to the Wash room to start my day. Bath room is the place where I get many great ideas. So same as usual, I got this idea of Quit Dual Booting Win / Linux in my notebook. If I have a Mac Book running Mac OSX (I've seen Windows running on Macs too) Will I use dual boot? Will I install any other OS? No. No. I'll use Mac OS in Mac Book and if I want to use other OS, I'll simply get another PC running that particular OS. So why can't I apply that with my notebook. Do you think I'm still in the wash room? No I came out. (he hee). So I didn't install Windows again in my notebook. Kept my flavor of Linux. Since I'm having two more PCs at home running windows + One Desktop and another Laptop (my good old Toshiba Satellite A50p) at office doing dual boot I'll not miss Windows.

  1. Some BIG mistakes we do will lead us to a great ACHIEVEMENT.
  2. With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!
  3. Bath room is the best place for you to plan your future. (as far as you are alone in there)
See you in a while.

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