Sunday, September 24, 2006

Enter --- >>> Kingdom of Thailand

It’s being a some time since my last post. My friends calling me and check whether I’m alive after the last post. Because it is against LTTE. But I’m still alive. This post ensure that!. I found my self a chance to visit Thailand. Actually this is a fully sponsored tour from my Faculty where I work at present. Right now I’m in the AIT (Advanced Institute of Technology). I came here to learn about Windows Server 2003. I will be here until the 2nd October.

When I tell everyone I’m going to Thailand, many of my friends told me to beware of prostitutes!!! They talked like as soon as I get down from the plane prostitutes will surround me. But I found this country much different than that. Many people are polite, and honest (to some extend) there might be bad people like every where in the world. And if you want to have sexual pleasure, then you have dedicated places and people for that. It’s not fair that we call this Buddhist country as a country of prostitutes. There are much more you can observe in Kingdom of Thailand.

My self and Pubudu (my friend) came to the AIT around 1430. It was Saturday the 16th. And AIT staff was kind enough to arrange us two nice dormitories for the training period. First thing I did was had some bread we brought from Sri Lanka and crashed on the bed. After couple of hours of sleep, we got up and went to meet some of Sri Lankan students in the campus. So we met several MSc. And PhD. Students, and we were happy to see some of our own people here. Next day morning went to a shopping complex near by the AIT. I was shocked. Electronic items, phones, notebooks, ipods, etc, are much cheeper than SL. So I thought I must by my self a notebook computer from here!. In 18th September we started the course peace and quiet.

That’s it for now. Will put something into this later. More photos will be soon on my flickr galary.