Thursday, August 17, 2006

Secure Sri Lanka ?

I don't know how much knowledge I have to discuss these problems. But I always wanted to express my ideas about some cases, openly. This is also a moment that my mind opened to the outer world. Before you read this any further please keep in mind few things. I'm not against Tamil nation. I have many friends who are tamils from SL and from other countries too. I'm not encouraging people to fight. I hate war. I'm not representing or promoting any political party or any organization. I don't like the polluted politics here in SL. No one told me to blog this, no one except me responsible for this ideas.

Still Reading.... ? Good. :-) Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. I love it. But because of this LTTE rebels this country have become a battle field for the last two decades. Prabakaran is trying to succeed his personal goals by sacrificing innocent Tamil, sinhala, even other nation's lives. First question I asked from my self was, why some tamils here in SL don't understand this and join the LTTE carder? When I move with the time I found that very few people join that rebel force by their desire. Most of them were taken in to their unit by forced and they brain wash those people. We hear from the media of kidnapping young Tamil people by LTTE. Which made me think, "my god.. Few people's (Prabakaran and his friends) war, is dragging by thousands of innocent people. LTTE leaders are not fighting for the democracy of the tamils. They just practicing what they are capable of. Killing. Since they have failed by their own, now they have put others in to the war and watching the show. I personally know tamils are very intelligent. So I hope at least the new people will end this game. All tamils, if you want the democracy, just say "no" to Prabakaran. My parents says, they co-op with tamils peacefully in many terms, before this LTTE born. Think of this, a Tamil person (Non LTTE) comes from Kilinochchi or Trincomallee to Colombo or Gall, the person may go shopping, visit people, etc and person can go back without any problem. But can we (sinhala guy/gal) go to Kilinochchi and return alive? I don't think so. So Tamil's freedom is not violated in Sri Lanka, but Sinhalease freedom....?

Every Tamil person == LTTE member? No. Tamil is not LTTE. LTTE is a collection of Tamils, Sinhaleas, Europeans, etc. Some groups joined with them to do underworld trading. (weapons, drugs, etc). Some are trying to get the ownership of some parts of the country. Some are trying to achieve cheap political goals by promoting LTTE. All I can say is, this is a collection of people who are educated to kill people, have no responsible for what they do, and have no clear goal+ No future.

I will say something I know and you may already know this too. This war could have ended a long time ago, when general Densil Kobbakaduwa was in the battle field. But there was some high class people who wanted to continue this war. So they let the LTTE to raise there power. So this war never ends and those people can survive. Unfortunately there were few people inside the military who needed this war to go on. I feel some of them are still inside. The are like Trojan horse computer viruses. Pretend to be a soldier but a terrorist in real. We can't say "this guy is a terrorist". But they are among us.

But now the time has come. This war should be stopped now. But if we want to live peacefully, LTTE should be eradicate. So now our three forces (Army, Neva, airbrush) are counter attacking to defend and clearing the areas in danger. We all should give our fullest support to them.

There is another thing I always feel upset about. The media culture in SL. The media is being a threat to the National Security. They publish what ever they want without thinking of the bad side of the news they publish. Take an example. If a military person or a Policeman done a great duty, they are highlighted in the news papers and TV, Radio., with all there details (Registration Nums, Full name, etc). Yes it's good to appreciate people on their good work. But you are automatically providing some sensitive information of that person to the terrorist too. How many of you know people in the intelligent forces? I know some of you know them. But is that the way it should be? There are some information that should kept as secrets. Media guys should think that terrorirst also read news papers, they also watch TV, they also have Internet. So I'm begging from you media guys, please don't publish sensitive information of military personals in any term. They will not get upset with you for saving their lives. Be more responsible.

Guys/ Gals we all have to think of this case seriously. We talk about Freedom all the time, even related to software :-), but do we really have a freedom in this country? Can we walk in a town without praying for god to keep us safe? Bomb blasts, Gun shoots, kidnapping, has become a part of the culture.! Hey I suggest you to carry your NIC with you. Always cooperate with the military. Respect them too.

I think if all the political parties and people can come to a plan to stop LTTE, that would create a new chapter in our country. This can't be done with that high class people, they will not allow others to end this. But now the Army, Nevy, Airforce is doing there duty just fine. If nobody from the government or any other authority block there way, they can finish this war soon. They can stop the LTTE.! And there are few organizations and people who try to justify the LTTE. I suggest they better stop it now. Stop feeding the TIGER!

The LTTE might kill me for blogging this too. :-) But I have expressed my idea to the world and I'm happy. Soon or later I will die, only thing is I don't know how I die. I wish I can see a Sri Lanka that all the Tamil, Sinhala, Muslims, etc live like a one family.

This is it. This is only a few things. But I will not say more. May be in future.

So Boring...

I was little bit busy for the last two months. In the office as well as at home. Any way I think I did some productive work in the last two months.

Today I feel very lazy to type, I don't know why....

Last month, I went Kandy to attend the School Linux Promotion. I joined with Suchetha and Bikku Mettavihari at Swarnamali Girls College and Rahula College. Both teachers and students were there for the training. I taught for teachers for the first time in my life. In the beginning, I felt little uncomfortable when they call me “Sir” (In Sri Lankan Schools “Sir” is referred to Teacher). Because I still feel like a student when I go to my school or when I meet my teachers. Any way, that was a fun filled two days.

I'm sorry i couldn't take my camera with me, so no photos from that event.