Friday, June 09, 2006

I kept my self silent for a while.

I was thinking and thinking during the past couple of months, about this world. Of course I did many things apart from 'thinking' as well. Never mind about them. When I look at this fast moving world, I see people loose their human qualities day by day. Many of us may not notice that we also have lost our qualities.

What do you need to have a quality life? If someone questioned from you, what is your answer? If we asked this from ten people, we'll get ten answers. Having a good education background would be one answer. being wealthy is another one, having many girl/boy friends would call people as a quality life. But I think combination of all those would help to have a quality life. Yet there are some other things we should consider as well. We should build a good faith in our heart. We should be honest and transparent. I don't say we should tell all over personal stuff to outer world. We should be the person who truly sees by outsiders.

When we growing old and old, we become more and more selfish. We don't tend to help others, we don't like to see other peoples success and happiness. We don't want want others to pass us! (I don't like when people overtakes me when I'm riding my bike, how ever I try to overtake the other vehicle, he/she tries to overtake me, this creates a street race.). Which is not good.

No need to fill this blog with my boring ideas. But one thing is true. That we all have to leave this world soon or later. At that day, what we all take with us is the goodness and badness we collected during the life span. I'm trying my best to live a balanced life, and also I'm trying my best NOT to become a trouble to other people.

Live a useful life to you and to everyone.! And die leaving a good name among living ones.

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