Monday, June 26, 2006


I got a fellowship to attend the 2nd LKING (Lanka Internet and Networking Group) camp held at Sarvodaya Head Office Rawathawatta, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (24 – 25 June). When I go to the location I saw so many familiar faces and also many of my buddies at LKLUG.

In the first day, we had few presentations at the Conference Hall, and Dr. Ashoka, My good old pals Anuradha and Bud delivered some presentations. Anu talked about Scientific Application for the next generation, and Bud talk about Educational fun with computer networks, which mostly related to computer network games. :-). We all had a good discussion sessions and gained some knowledge in areas of networking. And there was participants from Moratuwa University, UCSC, University of Ruhuna, and also from some institutes and business organizations. So we had a representation from several areas in Sri Lanka.

In the middle of a discussion, I heard the words Wifi in Sarvodaya. So Since my Debian installation is not ready to go wifi at that time I tried to hook in with the Windows XP. I was connected!! without any prob! But I was not happy cos this has to be done with Linux. I thought okay, I will get the tools download to the Win and install them later.

But in the afternoon when Anuradha came to the camp, we had a chat and saw my notebook connected and with windows. I asked him to configure the wifi in debian for me and he managed to download packages needed and he did the work for me!! :-) I also felt happy due to two reasons. First is that now I'm in Wifi and the second thing is that I'm still having a working wireless card even after I droped my laptop (Toshiba Satellite A60p) while I'm riding my Bike (Honda Custom CBX 125) at the speed of 80 KMPH. I couldn't connect to the Wifi at Excel world last time so I thought my wireless is broken due to the drop damage. It was not in the laptop case, it was in my office bag and the belt broke out. It felt on the road and thrown towards the road for about 15 meters. That's an old story. Many people knows about it.

Day two in the camp, we discussed about Internet in our native language, Internet security, Video Conferencing, VOIP, etc. Dr. Gihan Dias, Suranga, and a person from Millennium IT did some presentations. Then Chamil from IT Ambalama did a presentation about blogging and other community base Internet stuff. After that fellows gave some speeches about there situation in their Institutes. In the evening the General meeting took place. New members elected, and all went home with certificates obtained for the participation. A happy camp.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FOSS in Paddy Fields

I went to Ampara to attend to a wedding. I represented the bride's side. The wedding was in Ampara city, but bride's house was in a village called Uhana (8Km away from the city). They had a nice big paddy field. So I wanted to take a photo like this. :-) Please notice that the little brown bottle next to me is not BEER.!!! (Zoom and see the name).

I always talk about taking FOSS to the rural areas. But still couldn't succeed. There are only few people who use FOSS in Ampara at the moment. But I haven't quit promoting FOSS in Ampara, actually my self, Kunchana is the Only active people out there. Kunchana is advocating, and actively promoting Linux and FOSS among friends. He managed to install Linux on few Destops and Laptops which belongs to our friends. Actually we are not in a try to inject (by force) FOSS to the community, because we want only those who are interested and find a value in FOSS to be join with us. But advocating is important.

By the way, I didn't forget to visit my good old buddies (Manju, Kassa, Kunchana). This time we couldn't have a beer out, cos I was little bit busy at the wedding house.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I kept my self silent for a while.

I was thinking and thinking during the past couple of months, about this world. Of course I did many things apart from 'thinking' as well. Never mind about them. When I look at this fast moving world, I see people loose their human qualities day by day. Many of us may not notice that we also have lost our qualities.

What do you need to have a quality life? If someone questioned from you, what is your answer? If we asked this from ten people, we'll get ten answers. Having a good education background would be one answer. being wealthy is another one, having many girl/boy friends would call people as a quality life. But I think combination of all those would help to have a quality life. Yet there are some other things we should consider as well. We should build a good faith in our heart. We should be honest and transparent. I don't say we should tell all over personal stuff to outer world. We should be the person who truly sees by outsiders.

When we growing old and old, we become more and more selfish. We don't tend to help others, we don't like to see other peoples success and happiness. We don't want want others to pass us! (I don't like when people overtakes me when I'm riding my bike, how ever I try to overtake the other vehicle, he/she tries to overtake me, this creates a street race.). Which is not good.

No need to fill this blog with my boring ideas. But one thing is true. That we all have to leave this world soon or later. At that day, what we all take with us is the goodness and badness we collected during the life span. I'm trying my best to live a balanced life, and also I'm trying my best NOT to become a trouble to other people.

Live a useful life to you and to everyone.! And die leaving a good name among living ones.