Friday, March 17, 2006


February 13 – 15 was some action filled three days for me. I was representing The Linux Center at the FOSS-ed conference held in the Excel World Colombo. The conference was held to bring awareness to Free and Open Source to the public. The event went well from the very first day and we all (LK-LUG) had a busy but joyful event.

There were some speeches and some presentation from various key note speakers (local and International) and also from our own LUGers. I had the chance to talk to the Confounder of the world's most popular web server Apache, Mr. Brian Behlendorf. He was a key note speaker in the event. The crowed we aimed was mainly business people, universities and other educational institutes and any other party who wish to come! :-) Well we had a reasonable number of participants.

As a third world country (still developing) we should think about the Free and Open Source Software more and more. We can save more money by using this FOSS alternatively to the Proprietary software. But still in Sri Lanka all the software can be purchased under LKR 150 .00. So still people are like 'crabs in the boiling water'. And due to use of illegal software, we will need more prison chambers for the future Sri Lankan IT Professionals. :-)
Conclusion : Migration to FOSS is need in deed!

FOSS-ed After effects:

Janaka and Suchetha...

Janaka became a 'she male'...

Janaka had a high demand after the event..

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