Monday, February 20, 2006

A short ride to Ingiriya.

My uncle, Lesly, is a building contractor. This time he got a contact in a temple, at Ingiriya, a nice village passing Horana. My family (dad, mom, me) were invited to spend a day at the temple. Dad couldn't come due to his duties. It was last Saturday (11-02-2006). I also had some work to take care of before I go. So mom went with my aunt by her van and I went to the office. My cousin sister (Yasi) also wanted to go there, so I took her on my bike (Honda Custom CBX 125) and had a 47KM ride within 45mints. I always love to ride at 100KMph or more when the road is clear!;-)

Ingiriya was a calm and cool village and surrounded with paddy fields and Rubber estates. My cousin brother Stephen (Poriya) also was there working with uncle Lesly. In the evening we went to take a swim in a stream at Nachimaley (few kilo meters away from Ingiriya). The water was so cold and we had a long bath there.

Stayed the night at the temple, watched the moon and stars, and I loved the tropical environment, and the fresh breeze. I relaxed few hors under the stars. It's good that I came out from the busy city for a while and got a bit of relaxing. In the next day morning returned home with a relaxed mind, to start a new week with a big smile in the face. :-)

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