Monday, January 02, 2006

house party @ Rivendale Resort

My buddy Suchetha invited all the LK-LUGers for a party at his placeRivendal Resort, a marvelous facility near by the Bolgoda lake. It was 30th December 2005. We sat under the stars with the guitar (Viraj's) and a hand drum (Who's was it?). You know what? we 'managed' to sing few songs, and I managed to 'grab' some chords for songs. Actually, after Suche's mom sat down on the mat, the party really got a kick!

We took care of some beer bottles and fine tuned the event. Some of our guys crashed on the mat, after few hours of singing.

Our gang: Kosala and his wife, Sanjaya, Deependra, Arunan (mango boy), Ruwan, Viraj, Buddhika, Chamil, Changa, Nandalal and his wife, Suchetha's parents and their friends, and also Suchetha's dogs (bow wow). I'm sorry if I miss any names.

I came bit late to the premises and it was already dark and I didn't see Suche's garden well. So in the morning, after a comfortable sleep at Rivendale Resort Mango boy, Chamil, Ruwan, Suche, me went to look around. It was a wonderful environment and I invite every one who missed the party should visit Rivendale Resort before you die!

I like to thank Suche's parents specially his mom who was in the back stage of this party and made it joyful. And the food was excellent! I would like to say that few of us was lucky to have our breakfast from there too. I came home with a fun filled heart and a bag full of DVDs (Suche's Collections).

"No idea of going to own houses?"

"Cathy (spot bow wow), I love you"

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Dush said...

looks like you guys had some fun.....