Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dear moon,

How are you keeping? I'm fine. When are you comming to see me again? I was waiting in the balcony, just to see you once again, and to say good bye, but you went down the sky without looking at me. So I send you this mail to say, "Good bye".

Earth man.

I got few public holidays, thought of visiting my home town (City of Ampara). So I went to Kandy in Thursday (12/01/2006)morning and took a bus to Ampara from there. When I look around for known people, (cos this bus is leading to my home town so, I could find some people I know) I met several guys from Ampara and a special person too. I saw my class teacher- when I was in my year 4 and 5 at Sadhdhathissa College, Ampara - where I schooled up to year 5. It was year 1989. I went to her and spoke, she was really happy to see me after 17 years. You know what, she still remember the naughty little boy! I still respect and love my past teachers.

I reached Ampara in the evening, went to my buddy's place, Kunchana, where I stay. And call over my two pals Kasun and Manju, that day was Kasun's Birth day (13 January - friday the 13th - "wake of evil") So had to have a party. That night we went to Kasun's own restaurant “Rathna Rest” and started to celebrate. You know there is nothing to tell after that, we kept on chatting and had a cool time, and got drunk- no excuse! As I thought in this new year, I took care of a lot of beer. That makes me feel cool.... You know it's very nice to be away for a while from the rush and busy city. And also to meet some people who close to me. We stayed till 1.30am and after my newly wedded buddy Manju received the fifth and final 'warning' phone call from his wife, we split for the day. We don't want any trouble here lady ... ;-)

I proud to say that we four were together for more than 10 years, and still mango friends. Girls friends are coming and going from our lives when they are not satisfied, but true friends never leave until it's end of our lives. I'm so lucky to have such true friends.

After we split Kunchana and me came to his place. Did we sleep? No way, even though we was drunk up to maximum level, we sat in front of the computer and started explore the system-Linux. Yeh, can't stay away from it. After reading several manual pages and some other stuff, we created a blog for Kunchana too. We took some photos, I felt sleepy and crashed on the bed at 4.30am. Didn't have any dreams.

Got up at 8.30am and had a quick breakfast. Then started to visit my relatives, and some of my Suda's relatives that I loved. After all these visits, I packed up my self and started to travel back to Colombo, in the evening bus. Kasun and Kunchana came to say tata to me, and I left my home town. Reached Colombo at 5.30am(Saturday). That was a short but sweet visit.

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