Wednesday, November 30, 2005

These days, I’m in a training program at University of Colombo School of Computing Sri Lanka. This was a fully sponsored course by JAICA and we are the first batch. I was interested in participating this course because they have a subject part about Open Source Learning Management System, which I’m hoping to implement in my department in near future. We didn’t come to that part yet. So here I am in the training. (to be precise blogging). Course will move till 17th December 2005

In the mean time I went to the Lanka Software Foundation (Sahana Project) to see few LUGers (actually yesterday). I took my official notebook computer to get Debian installed in it. As Pradeeper took the responsibility of doing it, he started, As usual Sarge gave the message “kernel panic” and halted, but he didn’t give up, I had Fedora installed in another partition and Pradeeper had took the kernel of the Fedora and installed the Debian system. Any ways now Debian is up and running in my notebook ;-) I need to upgrade the system (apt-get it.).

Monday, November 21, 2005

As I said before, you know I never forget my favourit. (the green bottle!) We started the small party around 22.00 hr and went up to 02.00hr. I was pretty well with the guitar by that time and played well. (says me;-)) I have to make this blogging bit shortt, cos I am in an Internet cafe. Cos I'm still on leave and attendig a training program in UCSC. I will be back in the office on 17-12-2005. So I'm offline for that time period.

Ya hooooo.....

I had a nice electoral holiday.

I got three day duty leave to vote! cos my home town is 375KM away from the city. (City of Ampara). But I didn't go there, cos I thought of utilizing the leave in a better way. So I went to my aunt's place at Kandy (katugasthota) and had a nice time with my brothers there. I can't uploaad all the pics cos some are too much!

My aunt and sister from Katubadda (colombo) also joind with me in this trip.

Ya hooooo.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Past Actions...

I learned the first C lesson from suda :-)
part of it.....

#include "stdio.h"
int i;
char j;
printf ("Enter any number...");
scanf ("%d", &i);

case 1:
printf("\nEnter any alphabet...");
fflush (stdin);
scanf ("%c", &j);

case 'a':
printf("\nIf you love something...");
goto out;
case 'b':
printf("\nSet it free...");
case 2:
printf("\nIf it returns, it's yours...");
printf("\nElse it was never meant to be.");