Thursday, October 27, 2005

Still Suffering ;-(
I was totally down after breaking up with Suda (my love). But my family and friends, even Suda's friends helped me a lot to recover my self. Thanks to them, and thanks to my religion I saved my life without getting in to any foolish decisions. But I'm still stuck with some sad feelings. Lets see what we can do about it!!
Music keeps me alive
Last month, I bought my self a new Box Guitar. (photo's will come soon, cos my digital camera is out of order and I have to buy a new one) I can play Keyboard (Very Well), Thabla (Very Well), Drums (Well), Flute (Little Bit), any instrument can be played after touching it for few days. ;-) So now I can sing and play the guitar for few songs, Like, Sealed with a kiss (J. Donavan), Duka Hadu Dena Raye (Mr.Gunadsa Kapuge) And some of Mr. Clarence Wijewardene's songs. As I have sang in Local Music Bands for several years, singing part is not an issue. ;-) I am organizing a “Paduru party” (a classical music party) in the Faculty, where I work (Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical, Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura). This will happen on 31st December .

I want to learn C
After installing a stable GNU/Linux system in my official notebook, I did some XHTML, PHP etc. After I started my IT career, first thing I thought was, “I will not become a programmer”. But... now I realize that programming is very essential, cos I have to submit a software for my final year project (Degree of BIT). ;-) So I borrowed a C book from my friend (Kunchana) and started coding. I hope I will write some good codes in future. :-)

Promoting the “Revolution OS”
I developed a departmental intranet in the office for students a year back. I ran the web server in Window$ Server 2003, (not a legal copy) and all other machines (including mine) was running under XP. But after I realized the power of GNU/Linux I kept promoting it among my friends and some authorities in the University. Now I'm happy to say that my desktop and some other machines at office are powered by Linux. And some of the higher level staff come to me and getting the Linux OS installed in there machines. But still I'm running my web server in the same way cos, there are few things to be learn before I change the system to a Linux box. But I'll keep up the good work!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

uploaded this photo just for fun, and I will upload my photos later.

I was on (still on) a bad mood ;-( after my most loved Suda left me on July. I think it's all my fault and no blame should go to her. The major error I made was loving her truly, deeply, madly. Other error was I expected her to love me in the same way. But she always say she's happy without me and my love, bla bla... bullshit. So I have a big challenge of healing myself. I still love my Suda and that will last for ever.

Thank you, for being my whole life.. ;-(