Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FOSS Week.

I involved in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) week held in Sri Lanka from 5th to 11th September 2005. I'm so happy to take part in this national event. I was in Majestic City Shopping Complex for three days (8th, 9th, 10th)with some of my friends from Lanka Linux User Group, and promoted GNU/Linux. I'm so happy to say that most of the Sri Lankans have realized the importance of FOSS.

Linux and me...

I was using Windows for 7 years. In 1999 my cousin Lashi (Menaka Lashitha Banda- sat in front of my computer and said “what is this? throw this windows sh.. away and use Linux”. But those days I was impressed with Windows and refused his word. But when time moves on, and when I started my career in IT field I saw the revolution, and changed my PC OS to Linux. I don't want to criticize Windows, but Linux is my personnel choice now. I can do all the things I did in Windows in Linux, and I'm still exploring the Operating System.

I joined the LKLUG mailing list, actually my friend Anuradha Rathnaweera ( added me to the list, and met so many Linux guys and they helped me a lot when I need help in Linux.

Suda and me...

She was a cute little girl who loved dolls a lot. We played together, we grew up together, I was a dear brother to her, she was a dear sister to me, we became lovers, she was one of the most valuble persons I had, we dreamed about our future, we walked a long way together, holding our hands, with happyness and sorrow. But now we are apart. Where is my Suda?

Nothings forgotten; Nothings ever forgotten...

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